Each journey is handcrafted, unique and memorable…


Situated in the southwest portion of Africa, this land-locked country boasts a spectacular array of landscapes and wildlife.


Fondly known as the ‘Jewel of Africa’, Kenya is home to the Masai Mara and Serengeti, famous for the Great Migration.


Mozambique lies along the southeastern coastline of Africa and boasts 2,500 kilometres of pristine coastline.


Namibia is unique, astonishingly beautiful and is ideal as a self-drive destination. Untouched and untamed.


Known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda is a small landlocked country in Central/East Africa.

South Africa

South Africa ticks all the boxes with its breathtaking coastlines, Big 5 safaris, world history and diverse cultures.


Home to the tallest mountain on the African continent, and some of the best national parks in Africa


A unique blend of experiences and a diversity of landscapes mountains to lakes, forested reserves and jungles.


The warm heart of Africa, Zambia shares borders with eight other African countries.


Zimbabwe is a country rich in natural and cultural heritage and offers beautiful scenery, wildlife and friendly people.


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About Us


Where it all began

Our Story

Safari Curators is an independent, privately-owned travel planning company, dedicated to creating the finest African safari experience.

Each journey is handcrafted, unique and memorable, truly setting us apart as ‘Artisans of African Travel’.

In addition, our team brings unique insights into African travel experience with:

• A combined 40 years of first-hand destination experience in the African travel and hospitality industry
• A rare expertise in wildlife safaris and conservation programmes
• Exceptional network with almost 15 years of living and working in the USA

We are Africans, we love Africa, and we want to share its wonders with travelers who are looking for exceptional safari experiences.

Both born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, we met and married each other in California in the USA. As we started our young family, Chantelle, who was working in downtown Manhattan, was caught in the midst of 9/11. This experience sparked a conscious decision to return to South Africa and embark on a new life adventure in eco-tourism and conservation.

During our many adventures as owners of a small boutique hotel and a tented safari camp in South Africa, and as avid travellers across the African continent, we have gained extensive experience and first-hand knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of what makes a true African safari.

We are as passionate about representing and marketing the finest safari travel experiences in Africa to our friends and family across the globe as we are about this beautiful continent, its magnificent wildlife and it’s incredible people. Fuelled by our love of Africa – and a passion for travel and adventure – we founded our company Safari Curators.

We are deeply invested in Africa and the conservation of its culture, environment, and wildlife by supporting sustainable tourism. As the founders of Chipembere Rhino Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports rhino protection and conservation in Southern Africa, we are doing our part by helping to save a species from extinction.

Driven by our passion, our collaborative conservation and sustainable tourism efforts are making a significant impact – offering you unforgettable African safari travel experiences that support the conservation of the areas and its wildlife for future generations, while uplifting the surrounding communities.

We look forward to crafting your unique journey!

Brent & Chantelle Cook

Founders, Safari Curators

Meet the team

Brent Cook

Founder, Adventurist & Conservationist

Brent was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, and time spent in the untouched wilder-ness areas of his home province sparked his passion for travel and adventure, and ultimately for conservation.

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After completing his National Service and moving to the USA, for over a decade he enjoyed a career in the action sports clothing industry, working for the top companies in Southern California and allowing him to mesh work and travel through surfing and snowboarding.

After Chantelle was caught in the midst of 9/11, the family fast forwarded their planned move back to South Africa and embarked on a new adventure in eco-tourism. Brent soon obtained his FGASA field guide qualification as they launched an ambitious path in restoring degraded environments and investing in rhino conservation along with their business partner and fellow South African Paul Naudé, one of Southern California’s most respected surf industry leaders, and an ardent environmental protection voice.

Fast-forward 20 years, and Brent and Chantelle have raised two daughters in the small coastal town of St. Francis Bay in South Africa, and who are both now furthering their studies in the USA.

A sudden spike in rhino poaching in 2008 thrust Brent into working on the frontlines of rhino conservation and unfortunately exposed him to the brutal slaughter of two rhino on their own property. Along with Chantelle and Paul, this tragic incident was the catalyst to founding the Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF), a privately run non-profit organization protecting and promoting rhino population growth in Southern Africa and supporting critical anti-poaching efforts in Africa. As CEO, Brent oversees the sourcing, testing and funding of a number of conservation tools used in safeguarding rhino and supporting rangers throughout Southern Africa.

African at heart and with a keen insight into the African travel market, Brent thrives on experiencing some of Africa’s truly wild, remote and special places and it’s with Chantelle that they have recently meshed their individual strengths and founded Safari Curators to represent and market the finest safari travel experiences in Africa to visitors from across the globe.

Chantelle Cook

Founder, Travel Writer & Conservationist

Having grown up in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Chantelle moved to the USA and graduated from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English Studies and Communications. 

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It was also in California where Chantelle met and married her husband and business partner, Brent Cook.

Her life in the USA centred on a sales and marketing career with a prominent clothing company, however, when Chantelle found herself in New York on 9/11, it sparked a renewed commitment to their dream of returning to South Africa for a future in wildlife and conservation.

Today, Chantelle has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the African travel, tourism, hospitality and marketing industry, in capacities ranging from being the co-owner of properties in Southern African, to heading up the Sales and Marketing of numerous tourism & hospitality groups.

It was also during this time that Chantelle witnessed the horrors of rhino poaching, when two rhino on their private reserve were slaughtered. This tragic event was the catalyst for the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, founded by Chantelle, Brent and their partner Paul in 2010, as a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving rhino.

Chantelle’s contribution and commitment to sustainable tourism, her passion for conservation, as well as her expertise, knowledge and experience in tourism marketing has now found expression in their latest venture: Safari Curators, which specialises in representing and marketing the finest safari travel experiences in Africa to visitors from the US and further afield.

While not creating fine safari travel experiences, Chantelle is also completing her Master’s degree in English Studies & Communications, with a focus on contemporary African Literature.

Why book with us?

Founders, Brent and Chantelle Cook, pride themselves on established relationships with key clients and trade partners on the ground. Our offering of unforgettable itineraries is crafted from first-hand experiences.

Additionally, our commitment to conservation and community is unwavering, and all our partners play an active role in this sphere.

We are experts – we’ve vetted all our products

We handle every detail of your journey

We are personalized and service driven

We love the road less traveled and are never scared of an adventure

We have a collective 40 years of travel experience between us

Luxury & Adventure

We love luxury and adventure, and know how to combine the two seamlessly

Bespoke Service

We offer a bespoke service – from VIP meet & greets to personal travel concierge services. Your needs are 100% taken care of


 We tailor-make travel – every itinerary is uniquely crafted based on your travel preferences and interests

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We have access to preferential local rates in Africa that give us a competitive pricing edge