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Situated in the southwest portion of Africa, this land-locked country boasts a spectacular array of landscapes and wildlife.


Fondly known as the ‘Jewel of Africa’, Kenya is home to the Masai Mara and Serengeti, famous for the Great Migration.


Mozambique lies along the southeastern coastline of Africa and boasts 2,500 kilometres of pristine coastline.


Namibia is unique, astonishingly beautiful and is ideal as a self-drive destination. Untouched and untamed.


Known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda is a small landlocked country in Central/East Africa.

South Africa

South Africa ticks all the boxes with its breathtaking coastlines, Big 5 safaris, world history and diverse cultures.


Home to the tallest mountain on the African continent, and some of the best national parks in Africa


A unique blend of experiences and a diversity of landscapes mountains to lakes, forested reserves and jungles.


The warm heart of Africa, Zambia shares borders with eight other African countries.


Zimbabwe is a country rich in natural and cultural heritage and offers beautiful scenery, wildlife and friendly people.


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Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda offers a unique blend of experiences and a diversity of landscapes from snow-capped mountains to lakes, forested reserves and jungles.

It boasts 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Stand at the foot of the continent’s tallest mountain range and see the source of the White Nile. Enjoy traditional East African safaris in one of the game parks across the country.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Also known as Impenetrable National Park, is a thickly forested area in southwestern Uganda that houses almost half of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas. The park is an old and complex ecosystem with a wealth of biodiversity and within its depths lies a rare world. Due to the dense undergrowth and rugged terrain, large portions can only be reached on foot, preserving its primordial nature. Forest elephants, giant forest hogs and hundreds of butterfly species roam beneath the thick canopy of trees.

Famous for its unique tree-climbing lions and has four of the Big 5 (leopard, elephant, buffalo and lion). Lush jungles provide habitats to thousands of bird and animal species, while rivers and lakes attract hippo and elephant.

Queen Elizabeth National Park